Hesitating to Commit

Once a person has been in a bad relationship, they tend to think long and hard about making another commitment. People who had a partner sweep them off their feet have generally found their partner was hiding serious issues from them. The person hurt now believes it is wrong to jump right back into dating, and they are correct. They must get past their recent experience before seeing other people on a dating basis. Emotional balance will help them select the right partner, and they will live a better life if they wait.

Physical intimacy is one of the things non-daters miss the most. Many of them enjoyed being in a committed relationship, and knowing they had a single partner was emotionally fulfilling. Now that they are single again, the hunt for a new partner seems overwhelming. They want to experience intimacy again, but need to do it without a relationship. Finding a fuck buddy at this point in their lives is a good way to deal with their situation.

A physical relationship without emotional entanglements is the basis of being with fuck buddies. These people recognize the need for physical relief, but they are uninterested in making any commitment or even dating. They look for partners who are honest enough to admit they want no strings attached sex. Each person gets what they need, but they have the freedom to seek what they want outside of this limited arrangement.

It might seem difficult for a person floundering after a bad relationship to find someone like this. Online sites have populated the internet to offer this unique solution. People set up profiles, and they let others know their needs. There is no guessing about emotions or expectations, and each person is free to make their own choices without worrying about hurting someone else's feelings.